Now that my Space Crusade reboot project is (almost) complete, I allowed myself to start working on Assassinorum: Execution Force, the last board game released by Games Workshop.

This game is a collaborative game that lets you play assassins, trying to infiltrate a Chaos sanctuary in order to kill a Chaos Sorcerer. That evil guy is trying to open a massive Warp hole, destroying the whole solar system in the process (yeah, those guys are not subtle!).

All the miniatures are ready to be painted

All the miniatures are ready to be painted

Anyway, so the game looks very interesting to play (needless to say I love collaborative games) and the minis are… Wow. Those asssassins are really impressive.

Okay, the box is really expensive, GW is playing the Apple of the miniatures games (again) but let’s be honnest, those miniatures are jewelry made with plastic.

Once all the minis were mounted (that took some time, the assassins and the Chaos Sorcerer are very detailed miniatures that need careful assembly), I prepared my set.

There are 24 miniatures in total 15 Chaos cultists, 3 Chaos Space Marines (that look very Space Crusade-ish, reminds me something…), 1 Chaos Sorcerer and his familiar and 4 assassins (the masterpiece of that box).

I decided to start with the cultists, as I wanted to keep the big ones for the last efforts, as a reward. I’ll probably do the Chaos Space marines after the cultists, and then the sorcerer and his familiar, and will conclude with the assassins, which clearly deserve a whole focus on their own.

I try to work on that every Sunday, so except some news here every week (hopefully).

Here some shots of the first cultists done. You’ll see that I didn’t follow the official color schemes, I wanted the cultists to look close to the Crimson Slaughter, hence the red. I like the result! Those minis are very detailed for basic troops. Dying to see them all painted.

Execution Force - Cultist with Spikes

Execution Force - Cultist with gas mask

Execution Force - Cultist with gas mask and spikes

Painting Technique

I did a video (French) to show how I organize my painting sessions when I have to deal with troops, like here with the cultists.