This post is part of a series where I log all the progress I make on rebooting Space Crusade with modern miniatures.

My first mission for this big project is to paint the first squad of marines: the Ultramarines! Let’s do this.

Painting Method

Duncan Rhodes has a great tutorial on how to paint Ultramarines. I followed his advices carefully, I hope he wouldn’t be ashamed of my work!


The Squad

Here is the progress so far, the ultramarines squad is almost finished.



2015 - 1_resultat


Almost there

I continued with the sergeant, he’s almost finished now, remains its base and some polishing to do. After that, I just have one last Space Marine to do and the squad of five will be complte!

Next step: the other 5 marines painted as a Blood Angels squad.


Mission Complete

The Ultramarines squad is now complete! I can now focus on the Blood Angels, and possibly I’ll do some Orks and Gretchins to vary a bit my painting sessions.